How to create a Paytm account in 2021: Step by step guide

In this article I will tell you about how you can create Paytm account in the year 2021, as we all know that there are numerous benefits of having an Paytm account in this advanced world. If you have a Paytm account you can do a lot of work from the comfort of your home and by using the official Paytm application or website.

In this article we will also discuss various benefits and advantages of having a Paytm account as well as how you can ensure the safety of your Paytm account so that no one can steal money from your Paytm account.

Because now a days we hear a lot of incidents where people have lost their money from their Paytm account so it becomes very necessary for all of us to make sure that the Paytm account you are operating is 100% secure.

What is Paytm?

It’s a third party application or you can say website which was started a few years ago in India with a view to facilitate lots of online services to their  users. when it was started the main objective of the Paytm was to facilitate online recharges to the users since then it has added numerous other services such as now you can make the bill payment of your postpaid mobile phone or landline as well as you can make your electricity bill payment using Paytm account of any state in the India and you do not need to make yourself standing in a queue.

 With the help of Paytm you can make the payment directly from your bank account and you do not need to have physical money in your pocket to avail the services available on Paytm.

 Below we are going to list a few of the the most used service on the Paytm platform.

List of services available at Paytm

 There are many services available at Paytm apart from that they are adding new services time to time in their portfolio so that maximum number of users do not have to go anywhere else to avail those services. You can transfer your earned Free Paytm Cash in to your Paytm account.

 Below you can check  list of services which you can currently avail at Paytm if you have active Paytm account.

  •  mobile recharges
  •  bill payments such as mobile bill payments, electricity bill payment, Gas bill payment,
  •  train ticket booking, airline ticket booking, bus ticket booking
  •  shop products online
  •  Insurance premium payment
  •  check credit score
  •  open online payment bank account
  •  get loan
  •  open fixed deposit
  •  movie ticket booking

 Plus various other services which you can check on the official Paytm application or website. This is why it becomes necessary for us to signup for a new Paytm account.

 To avail all the services you must have a valid Paytm account and if it is KYC verified then you can enjoy a lot more benefits.

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How to sign up for a Paytm account

 The sign up process for the Paytm account is very easy and it can be done in a few seconds or a minute, you just need to make sure that before going to sign up for a new Paytm account you have to have two things handy first your email ID and second your mobile number which is never been registered on Paytm before. 

Follow the step-by-step guide to register for a new Paytm account

  1. First of all visit the Paytm website or you can also download the Paytm application from the Play Store or iOS Store- Paytm
  2.  Click on the sign up button which you can get in the top right corner of the screen.
  3.  Enter your name, mobile number, email ID and click on the sign up button
  4.  Enter the OTP verification code which you have received on your mobile number as well as on your email ID
  5.  Submit them
  6.  Congratulations, your new Paytm account has been created and now you can avail any of the services available on the Paytm platform. make sure to submit the KYC details by following any of the available ways to increase your Paytm limit.

Benefits of having a KYC verified Paytm account

 There are many benefits of having a KYC verified Paytm account, first of all it is mandatory from our statutory body Reserve Bank of India or you can say RBI that if you want to have a limit of more than 10000 rupees in your online wallet then you must verify your wallet with your KYC details in which you can use your Aadhaar card or PAN card to verify your credentials.

 If your Paytm account is KYC verified then you will enjoy an extended limit of 100000 rupees plus you will also enjoy recharge and coupon and discount benefits on the Paytm platform time to time. if your account is KYC verified then you would also be able to transfer your Paytm balance from one account to another.

Final Words- This was the detailed guide on how to create Paytm account using Paytm website or Paytm application. If you are facing any issues while creating a new Paytm account then you can comment in the message box below. And if you were able to create a account then proceed to use that.


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